Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black Tie, White Dress!

He popped the question...she said YES! Now what? Everything that you have dreamed about since you were 5 years old is here! You day dream, sketch plans, have your colors picked (well if you're like me you did) since forever and now that it's here you feel like there's never enough time. I understand. I am living it right now. Your mind is in a haze of tulle and roses and you don't know where to turn first?

Celebrate! This is the most amazing time in your life and should be celebrated not stressed! Trust me, I understand there will be stress....a lot of decisions need to be made, but remember...these are fun decisions! What venue should we pick? Band/DJ/both? Flavors of cake?Flowers?...and most importantly the DRESS? Think about it,for the next 6 months to a year...these are the things that will consume your mind. ENJOY!

Speaking of the DRESS...... when you first try on a dress and you get an overwhelming feeling of butterflies and tears and shock....soak it all in. This is it. This is the dress that defines you! That captivates not only your heart,but the heart of the man that is waiting for you at the end of the aisle. It has to be perfect!

I had an idea in my mind of what I thought I wanted my wedding dress to look like. (The more bling the better)and then I actually started trying dresses on and what I thought I wanted wasn't at all what took my breath away!

Im not going to go into full detail of what my dress looks like because I still have a little over 4 months till the BIG DAY, but I will say that when I put this gown on....I just knew. It was surreal, and emotional,and wonderful and that was it! There was no need to look any further. So ladies, take your time and try try try, because honestly whats better than playing dress up?

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